• Statement

    The process of creating and recalling memories can lead to the transformation of information and the potential for dualities. The act of reflecting upon our intimate experiences can often become an investigation—a system of discovering multiple layers where there appeared to be only one. My sculptures are physical representation of our psychological incongruities: the doubts, questions and shifts in perspectives that we apply to the memories of our lives.

    My concerns with portraying ambivalence within an object or objects are sourced from my own experiences, but also inspired by my interests in the role intimacy plays in our lives. I define intimacy as the subtle actions that take place between bodies and objects—potent moments that embody emotions or feelings. As our daily integration with the digital world increases with exponential speed, I fear we are losing these opportunities for reflection. Our intimate moments and interactions are often fleeting, existing as a superficial post on social media or in moments diffused by technological distractions. This rapid change motivates me to depict fixed moments in time that allow for a slowness—a quiet space that asks one to pay attention.

    The works appear soft and malleable, yet they are hardened: fixed objects in space. This softness relates to the flesh of the body and to domestic materials as a means of connecting with our innate humanness. Through various ambivalent postures and subtle juxtapositions, the forms evoke a curiosity— a desire for one to empathize with its conflicting state. The forms represent a physical residue of intimate memories within space.